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Why Invest

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Leading player in the stormwater management industry

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Only complete solutions provider in the industry, with a track record of innovation

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Material conversion strategy driving market share gains

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Large addressable market opportunity

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Pipe Products

N12 N12
Single Wall Single Wall
Triple Wall Triple Wall
Poly Flex Poly Flex
Advanedge Advanedge

Allied Products

StormTech Retention and Detention Chambers StormTech Retention and Detention Chambers
Nyloplast Catch Basins Nyloplast Catch Basins
Flexstorm Catch Basins Flexstorm Catch Basins
Inserta Tee Lateral Connections Inserta Tee Lateral Connections
Barracuda Stormwater Separator Barracuda Stormwater Separator
Baysaver Water Quality Separator Baysaver Water Quality Separator
Baysaver Water Quality Filter Baysaver Water Quality Filter
Duraslot Surface Drains Duraslot Surface Drains
Geotextiles Geotextiles
Fittings Fittings

Superior Product Attributes

More Cost Effective
  • ~20% less installed cost
  • Fewer delivery truckloads required per project
  • Safer handling qualities
Reduced Labor & Equipment
  • 3X faster to install
  • Lighter weight
  • Longer lengths
Superior Performance
  • Fewer joints required
  • Water tight joints
  • 100 year design life
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
Sustainable Solutions
  • >400M pounds of plastic annually recycled into ADS products
  • 56% of HDPE material used is recycled plastic
  • >1.4B gallons of stormwater managed by ADS StormTech systems

ADS has a complete set of water management solutions to address the lifecycle of a raindrop

Precipitation System

ADS drives market share gains by displacing traditional materials and driving industry conversion to our products

HDPE/PP Share of Storm Sewer Market (1)

(1) Based on management estimates.

Market Conversion is our History

When ADS' original single wall HDPE pipe was introduced in 1966 it was designed to displace traditional clay tiling used in agriculture applications. By the late 1970's, the market had almost fully converted over to plastic pipe.

History bus with pipes
Modern ads

In the 1980’s ADS introduced its’ dual wall N-12 high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and began converting traditional materials used in the construction markets to plastic pipe. The corrugated pipe with a smooth interior is faster and safer to install, lighter weight and manufactured in longer lengths than traditional materials.

To further drive market conversion, in 2010 ADS introduced its High Performance (HP) pipe made from polypropylene. The HP pipe is increasing conversion from traditional materials in applications where greater pipe stiffness is required, such as infrastructure and airports, while maintaining installation and product advantages provided by the N-12 pipe relative to traditional materials.

HP Detail

$11 Billion Market Opportunity

Non-Residential Non Residential
Residential Residential
Infrastructure Infrastructure
Agriculture Agriculture
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